Ahhh. the hockey stick projections! They sure do look pretty in bar and line charts, don’t they?

But how do you achieve such growth trajectories?

If I could give you a definitive and detailed blueprint, then I would be worth billions of dollars (newsflash: I am not).

Here are my humble list of ways to better position your company for growth:

  1. Think ahead and anticipate market demand – where is the market opportunity? how is it shifting? what are the substitutes / competitors entering the marketplace?
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  3. Solve a problem – do you sell a service that is a “gotta have” or “nice to have”?
  4. Use automation – do more with less; embrace efficiency to help you take on more
  5. Give something away for free – it does not have to be the proverbial kitchen sink but provide your customers with something for free that will not only create goodwill but also establish yourself as an expert in your product or service area
  6. Cultivate relationships and have an ear for how you can help